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Kilter Rocks!

Kilter is a 3-piece metal act quickly making a name for itself across the Southwest and cyberspace. Made up of veteran rockers Kris Melton (bass/vocals), Seth Burchfield (guitar/vocals), and Preston Del Rio (drums), Kilter delivers a rowdy mix of heartfelt metal with mainstream appeal.

The trio brings considerable experience for rocking the public in both large and small venues, from across their home state of Texas to New Mexico, Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Illinois. With careers spanning more than a decade spent honing their craft in bands such as Grynch, Order 66, Waiting for Sunday, Outlash, and Black Water Masochist, the members of Kilter have rapidly gelled into their own distinct Rock & Roll vibe. Their live performances are characterized by infectious power, singalong hooks, and groovy riffs. Frontman Melton leads the fray and never fails to draw the crowd in tight to feel like part of the fun. Burchfield fuels the fire with his signature high energy riffing assault that guarantees fists and horns in the air and provides catchy backing vocals to balance Melton's intensity. Del Rio takes no prisoners with his crushing style that solidifies the tight grooves and moves heads, all with a smile to let the crowd know what he was meant to do.

Kilter are experienced in the studio as well, with a recent 3 song demo featuring Apocalypse, Sieze the Day, and Weathered, as well as full length professional releases in prior bands. Work on a new full length Kilter offering is currently underway and is due to drop late 2013. Their professionalism and hard work ethic has attracted the attention of regional promoters, venue managers, and web publishers as they keep up an active regional touring schedule.

Major acts supported: Sepultura, Drowning Pool, Static X, George Lynch, Mushroomhead, In This Moment, Hed.PE, Otep, Texas Hippie Coalition, Bury Your Dead, and Straight Line Stitch.

Festivals supported: Metal Reigns in the Southwest (2013)

Major venues supported: Curtain Club (Dallas), Canyon Club (Dallas), Galaxy Club (Dallas), Rail Club (Ft. Worth), Dos Amigos (Odessa), and Jake's Backroom (Lubbock).